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Behind the scenes at our photo shoot

Posted by Megan M on

This week I got to tag along to Capsuleight's photo shoot, so I thought I'd share all the behind the scene's gossip with you.

The photo shoot is to take pictures for our new capsules, update some product shots and get some amazing promo pics for our social media.

Arriving at the studio the first job is to check all the equipment and hang all the clothes ready for the models.

Photo studio Camera on stool

After a few test shots we are up and running.  Shooting each capsule outfit with some extra detailed shots of the individual garments so you get to see the details on what you are buying.

photo photo


After that we had some fun doing some promo shots of the two models together.

It was an exhausting day but really fun.

Here are some of the finished pictures...

models posing models posing Models posing 

 Natural Flutter and Mono Chic capsules are now available on our website.

We hope you like our new ranges.





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  • Behind the scene is the funniest part of any shooting so it’s great to share it in pics. Thank you!

    sabrina barbante on
  • Love seeing behind the scenes! Always wondered what it was like! Thanks for sharing! -Karen

    Karen H on
  • So cool to see behind the camera shots! Nice spring/ summer capsule as well! :)

    Ella on
  • Great post, I had never seen the “behind the scenes” process before


    Luis Ch on
  • Now who doesn’t love behind the scene? But that must be so overwhelming (and fun at the same time) to get perfection! Well done. Great work!

    Victoria Lola on

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