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10 things I love about winter

Posted by Megan M on

I was told the other day that you can’t change the seasons so you might as well learn to enjoy them.

Personally, I am always happiest when the sun is shining and I’m lying on a beach somewhere, preferably with a cocktail in hand. I hate winter, and think anyone who says they don’t is probably lying – or crazy! Winter is depressing, leaving work in the dark, slush in the gutters and not remembering the last time I felt my fingers and toes, it's just a miserable time. But I guess they’re right, I can’t change it, so let’s try and find some things to enjoy about winter!

1 - Stodgy Food 

I’m seriously over the fresh fish and salad now and I actually am looking forward to cooking up some stews and soups and not worrying quite so much about the bikini body for a little while.

Lentil Soup

2 - Winter Woollies 

Much as I hate the cold, I think the winter makes me more appreciative of my clothes. Layering gives a great excuse to wear all my favourite clothes in one go, and I love snuggling into a chunky jumper for a walk, or cuddling up under a blanket to watch TV.

Cream chunky belted cardigan

Chunky Belted Cardigan - £30

3 - Snuggling up to someone you love

Talking of blankets, with the cold putting everyone off going out, winter is a great excuse to curl up under a blanket with someone special.Fire & Wine

4 - Christmas Markets

I’m not sure I’ve ever bought anything from a Christmas market, but every year I feel drawn to them. Wandering around, hot chocolate in hand, the lights, music and smells make it start to feel like Christmas.

Christmas Market stall

5 - Glitter

What’s not to love, from shimmering party dresses to glittery crafts with children, it’s impossible to be sad with glitter around!

Glitter in hand

6 - Snow Days

There is nothing more likely to make me behave like a child than snow – waking up to a winter wonderland, an unexpected day off work or school and nothing to do but play in the snow and drink hot chocolate under a blanket in front of a wintery movie!Snow angel

7 – Catching up with friends and family 

Why we can’t manage it all year is beyond me, but winter parties bring everyone back together, reunion lunches with school friends, trips to see Granny and of course Christmas dinner with all the family.

Christmas lunch

8 – Winter escapes to warmer climates 

I know this may be cheating, but I think the cold makes me appreciate my winter holiday even more than my summer one. There’s nothing better than entering the plane in 3 jumpers and a coat and exiting in shorts and a vest top!Aeroplane

9 – Lights

Christmas lights sparkling in windows, and street lights gleaming in the dark snowy streets, still and quiet – there’s something magical about winter!

Christmas house lights

10 – New years 

A fresh start, renewed enthusiasm for personal goals and an excuse for a party!

New year fireworks

What little pleasures keep you going through winter?

See you soon




Photo Credits:

Lentil Soup by You as a machine

Fire & Wine by by Steven S

Glitter by Kate Ter Haar

Dinner by We are Social

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