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5 Last Minute Halloween Outfits - no purchases necessary!

Posted by Megan M on

Got a last minute invite to a Halloween party but don't have a costume?  Don't worry, with a bit of creativity you can make an effective costume from things you almost certainly have lying around.

All my ideas take things you probably have around the house to make a pretty traditional Halloween costume, and a couple wont even ruin your stuff, so raid the bottom of your make up bag and the back of your closet and get creating!


ghost costume

You need:

  • A white sheet (Double is best)
  • Scissors
  • A friend - this one is tricky to make on your own


Find the middle of your sheet and place it on the top of your head

Cut the sheet so it doesn't touch the floor if needed

Mark on the sheet (carefully) where your eyes are and mouth

Remove the sheet and cut 2 holes for the eyes and a hole for the mouth


Creepy Doll

Creppy Doll

You need:

  • A cute doll like outfit - think a collared dress, Mary-Jane shoes and opaque tights
  • Hair ties
  • Make-up


Put your hair in pigtails and backcomb each one to add some volume

Find and follow a you-tube make-up tutorial for face inspiration - This one is my favourite, and although it seems to use a lot of products, you probably have something similar in your make-up bag already!



woman made up as a zombie

You need:

  • Old clothes - anything you don't mind losing works
  • Scissors
  • Talc or flour
  • Fake blood or red paint or food colouring
  • Tea
  • Make-up

Pick an outfit you want to zombify

Make rips in your clothes - make a small hole with some scissors and then use your hands to rip fabric, put random rips across the whole outfit, consider how many rips and where you would like them, but be careful not to look too uniform

Now add some dirt - Flour or talc make good dust, soaking in or spilling black tea on light coloured fabrics will make clothes look generally grubby and flicking fake blood or paint will create a blood splatter

Now find a good zombie make up tutorial to finish your look - This one only uses Three shades of eyeshadow!




You need:

  • Black Clothes - leggings with a bodysuit work best, but any plain simple black top and trousers will probably do.
  • 3 pairs of black tights
  • Some kid of stuffing - if you don't have actual stuffing, try using old tights or newspaper (stuffing needs to be light)
  • Some card - a large cereal box is probably big enough (you can skip this if necessary)
  • Safety Pins
  • A black hat - Ideally a beanie
  • Some white paper or card
  • A black pen


Cut the legs off the tights

If you have card then cut 6 strips to make the legs stand out from your body

Place one card strip into each leg

Stuff each leg with stuffing to around 3/4 full and tie the end in a knot to secure

Secure 3 legs to each side of your body with the safety pins

Make eyes by cutting 2 white circles of card and drawing on black pupils

Attach to the front of the hat


A Black Cat

girl in cat head band

You need :

  • Black Clothes - leggings with a bodysuit work best, but any plain simple black top and trousers will probably do.
  • Black card (or any card and black paper or a black marker pen / paint)
  • An Alice band
  • Sellotape
  • Black eyeliner 


Make yourself some cat ears by cutting ear shapes out of black card and attaching them to a head band

Paint on a nose and whiskers using eyeliner


So now you've no excuses not to accept that invitation.  Have a great night!

Happy Halloween


Love Megan



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