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8 ways to survive Christmas shopping

Posted by Megan M on

Its time to start thinking about Christmas, and more importantly shopping for all those presents!  If just the thought of it makes you come out in a sweat, then check out my tips to make your festive shopping trip run smoother.

 1. Comfortable shoes

Shopping is one of the toughest forms of exercise. Walking, standing, stop-start with all those heavy bags, my feet are hurting just thinking about it. I know it’s tempting to wear those cute heels that look perfect with your new jeans, but trust me, 4 hours in you’ll be wishing you’d worn your trusty converse. 

Pink Converse

2. Layers

The other major problem with shopping at this time of year is the varying temperature’s. Its practically arctic in the street, warm in the department stores and like a sauna in the coffee shop. While the temptation is to wrap up in your biggest warmest coat, a better trick is lots of light layers, you can add and remove as needed, and they’re lighter than your coat to carry around when you’re not wearing them.

Girl in Layers and hat

3. Bags

Now that most stores charge for bags or offer paper ones that dissolve at the first sight of rain, you need to think about how you are going to get all those gifts home. Foldable cotton bags are probably your best bet, durable, lightweight and they leave your hands free for choosing your next purchase!

 Group of paper shopping bags on floor


4. Have a plan

An idea of what you want to buy and which stores are likely to sell what you are looking for will minimise the time you spend backtracking up the street and visiting multiple stores. If you can shop around online in advance so that you know which store has the best price too! Shopping Centre Directory sign

5. Take a break 

Everyone knows that shopping is harder work than an hour in the gym. Make sure you pack a water bottle in your handbag to ensure you are hydrated and that you allow time to stop for regular breaks through the day to refuel on coffee and sugar! 

Coffee and muffins

6. Plan your exit strategy

Any major undertaking needs an exit strategy. Particularly if you don’t drive, consider in advance how you will get home. Is it realistic to carry 100 shopping bags up the stairs on the bus or the ½ mile from the bus stop? Consider booking a taxi in advance or arranging someone to pick you up or at least meet you from the bus.

Lots of people waiting for a train

7. Don’t rush

It’s a marathon not a sprint!  Plan a whole day, leave yourself time for a second trip if needed and take your time, you’ll make better considered purchases, have more time for breaks and enjoy it more if you’re not rushing from store to store in a panic.

 Calendar with data circled


8. Shop Online

If it all still seems like hard work, order all your shopping on line and put your feet up at home and wait for your parcels to arrive.

2 parcels on a table

Good Luckwith your shopping!





Photo Credits:

Mall Directory by Mike Kalasnik

People on platform  by Photo By Oran Viriyincy

Cristmas Shopping (Title image) by Ben Askins

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