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An introduction to capsules - Urban Solider

Posted by Megan M on

Welcome to my blog, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on all things Caspuleight!

As well as insight into the latest ranges from Capsuleight, I’ll be sharing the gossip from behind the scenes of the business, looking at all their new lines as they come in and making sure you know all about who did what at the model shot!.  Add to that articles about the seasons trends and celebrity fashions to keep you bang up to date and you already know you don’t want to miss a thing! 

It’s all about the Capsules! 

Capsuleight is all about making you look & feel good.  They recognise that the fashions you see on the catwalks or in the celebrity magazines can be intimidating, so they do the work for you.  They find the trends and they pick the best pieces to represent them in a way that makes them accessible to us normal people!  They then combine them into Capsules.  These are small ranges – of eight pieces, hence the capsuleight – which mix and match to form a range of wearable outfits.  They give them awesome names and pop them on their website for us to buy and wear! 

Let’s bring it to life with the urban solider capsule.

This is a young and casual capsule built around a set of core camouflage prints and styled with black & khaki basics so that we can all feel comfortable in this on-trend look. 

The capsule contains: 

1. Camo Crop Top, £12.50

2. Skirt with Pockets, £20

3. Khaki Badge Knitted Dress, £30

4. Camouflage Hem Jacket Bomber, £30

5. Khaki Long Sleeve Bodysuit, £15

6. Black Button Skinny Jean, £22.50

7. Basic Black T-shirt, £10

8. Camouflage High Waisted Skinny Jeans, £25

Which Capsuleight suggest combining to form these amazing outfits!


You can view the whole capsule here

The feel is clearly very military, but I love how easy some of it is to wear and I am definitely wearing that Jacket for work next Friday! 

There’s a few capsules around all the time and they’re regularly updated, so there will always be something new to suit your mood or occasion.  Speaking of occasion, they also have this cool feature where you can shop by occasion as well as by product or Capsule, so no more hunting around for that perfect dress for a wedding through a sea of beach dresses or browsing through slogan t-shirts to find a top for that big interview, just select your occasion from their drop down menu and you will get the best picks for your needs!

Until next time. 



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