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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Posted by Megan M on

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are almost upon us, signalling the start of the Christmas shopping frenzy!

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years and missed the hype, I’ll give you a little background: 

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving. Since 1932, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. and most major retailers open longer hours and offer promotional sales. Since the start of the 21st century there have been attempts by retailers with origins in the United States to introduce a retail "Black Friday" into the United Kingdom, and over the last few years this has spread to most major retailers.

Cyber Monday is a more recent phenomenon, dating from around 2005, it is a marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving which was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop specifically online.

So what does this all mean for you?  Well if you, like me, haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet it indicates a firm kick up the butt to start, and will definitely give you a chance to save on both essentials and gifts.

Shopping online offers a cozy alternative to waiting in line before dawn and battling the elements between stores, it also offers a lot more choice than you might see in store and an easier way to compare prices and offers than continually backtracking up and down the high street.  While traditionally Black Friday is better for electronics and Cyber Monday shines in soft goods like Clothes and shoes, the lines have become blurred as this shopping holiday has taken on a life of its own. 

 So, how do you maximize your chances of getting a bargain?  Here are my tips:

  1. Do your research – Check stores in advance, especially for high value electronics so you know who sells what you are looking for
  2. Have your calculator ready – 20% off £100? £78 but no black Friday deals? 40% off £120? Make sure you check you really are getting the best deal
  3. Get in early – Most deals will start around midnight, so it may be worth waiting up for the deals to start rather than logging on to find it all sold out at 9am
  4. Check again on Monday – Many retailers offer different deals on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday, others run one promotion for the whole weekend.  Make sure you check back if your chosen items aren’t on the deal on Friday!
  5. Get the inside info – sign up to mailing lists of stores you plan to shop so you are clued up on what deals they have and when they will run. 

You can sign up to Capsuleight’s mailing list to get exclusive early access to their black Friday and cyber Monday deals giving you access to the deals hours before anyone else.  It’s free and takes only a few seconds, so what have you got to lose? 

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Happy Shopping



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