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How to survive Blue Monday

Posted by Megan M on

Today is blue Monday and apparently this is the most depressing day of the year!

By now, your enthusiastic new year’s resolutions are a distant memory and pay day is far away.  This combined with the cold, wet weather and never ending dark evenings is enough to depress even the most cheerful of folk.  But if you’re struggling to find your mo-jo, maybe it’s time for some new New Year’s resolutions designed to make you feel better. 

Here’s 5 ideas for resolutions that are actually workable and will help fight those January blues:

    1. Try a new recipe each week 

    Save money and help your weight loss goals by picking a recipe based on your favourite take away and cooking at home every Friday night!

    new recipe

    Not only will this give you more confidence in the kitchen to experiment, and help both your diet and spending goals in the short term, you’re sure to find some winning recipes which will become family favourites.  If you did this through January and February you’d have a whole week worth of quick, healthy, low cost dinners which will boost your spring weight loss plans and get you bikini ready!

    Spend a little time online researching how to make any dish which takes your fancy, search low fat or low calorie options, and choose a recipe which is simple and quick to cook so you can enjoy it and don’t have to buy too many specialist ingredients.

    2. Spend with purpose  

    Cut spending on everyday non-essentials to spend on bigger and better things.


      We all know we should save more money but it can be hard to see your cash disappear each week into a hidden savings account which gives no short term benefit.  Instead create a savings plan that rewards you along the way.  First, work out how much you think you can save each month. Let’s say you work out you should save £150.  If at the end of the month you have saved £150 or more, take £50 for yourself and spend it on something you really want, a new dress, a day at the spa or that purse you’ve been coveting for ages.  Not only have you actually managed to save £100 in real savings, but every time you wear your dress or think about your day out you’ll motivate yourself to continue next month.  This method also gives you more control over your money in the long run.  It’s far easier to cut out big, specific purchases in the future if you need to that it is to stop that £20 disappearing out of your purse when you don’t really know where it goes!

        3. Learn something new  

        Swap Facebook for a language learning app, or your gym membership for a dance class.

        Parlez-vouz francais

          Learning something new is a great way to feel good about yourself, meet new people and get out and about in the winter months.  If you’ve always dreamed of speaking fluent Spanish, learning ballet or building your own furniture the new year is a great time to start.  Check out free language apps, online course or taster sessions to get yourself started without breaking the budget!

            4. Volunteer  

            If you don’t do it, who will?

            Hands up

              Volunteering is a great mood booster, lots of fun and can help you learn new skills, it also looks great on your CV and is often free to partake.  The key is to pick something you feel passionate about, and then look for opportunities in your local area. Love sport?  Volunteer to help a kids team.  Love animals? Look into local rescue centres. The possibilities are endless, and the time commitment is often less than you think, an couple of hours a week doing something to help others will leave you feeling virtuous, help you make new friends and save you money down the pub!

                5. Travel More  

                Explore the world and get to know yourself.

                 travle wallet

                  This one depends on both how brave you feel and your budget.  If a hike up the Himalayas is a little out of your comfort zone there are many options far closer to home.  My personal favourite is to plan regular trips to places I haven’t been before.  Aiming to go somewhere once a month with a mix of holidays, weekend breaks and days out throughout the year means I get new experiences every month without having to break the bank on one big trip.  Start by exploring the tourist attractions around you that you have never visited, plan a weekend camping close to home or look for bargain deals on European city breaks and you’ll soon fill your time with new adventures that will open your mind and impress your friends. 

                  Which will you do?



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                  Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup Recipe by Michelle Tribe

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