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My Caspuleight Christmas list

Posted by Megan M on

It's getting to that time of year where I'm starting to wonder what Santa might be bringing me, so Santa, if you're reading, these are my top picks for my stocking from Capsuleight.

The perfect dress for the season

Grey Metallic Rose Print Dress, £45

Santa, I promise, I'll wear this one so much, it's already being planned for a friends December wedding, 2 Christmas parties and a Christening!

A snuggly Jumper

Ivory Belted Chunky Knitwear Cardigan, £30

Santa, it's so cold outside I need a nice jumper to snuggle up in and keep me warm!

A Christmas Dress


Red Santa Christmas Dress, £10

Santa, I'm in love with these and it's an absolute must have for my christmas day. It even has your face on it!

The cutest jumper

Girl and Dog Print Jumper, £30

 Santa, how can you not love this jumper? Its the very definition of cute.  An easy go to jumper for dress down fridays and weekends of Christmas shopping.

A Wintery Skirt

Black & White Check Skirt, £25

Santa, this one is definatley practical, a perfect work skirt for the winter months!

A new jacket

Faux Fur Collar Satin Shine Aviator Bomber Jacket, £45

Santa, I promise I will stop complaining I'm cold if you get me this jacket.  Its not just super warm with its padding and faux fur collar, but its completely on trend too!

So thats my Christmas list sorted, what's on yours?



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