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This season's trend - Velvet

Posted by Megan M on

All any girl needs, at any time in history, is simple velvet and basic diamonds

– Eva Gabor -

 Love it or hate it, velvet is back, and its everywhere!  One of the biggest messages out of the catwalks and filling up our highstreets fast, velvet is THE fabric to be seen in this season. 

Because of its unusual softness and appearance as well as its high cost of production, velvet has often been associated with nobility, luxury and extravagance.  

I love velvet because it reminds me of being a little girl, its soft touch and the way I can make patterns by running my fingers across it kept me amused for hours and its natural inclination towards the bright bold colors I love is obviously a winner.  However I recently discovered that not everyone feels that same.  To some its texture is like running nails down a blackboard and others simply find it all too much. 

 Velvet is associated with many trends through the years, and appears in many of the iconic images we have grown up with, the velvet gowns of Henry VIII in our school history books, crushed velvet of the 80’s pop stars like prince on your mums old records and those heavy velvet textiles adorning your nan’s house.  Whether it makes you think of your Nana’s curtains or of 70’s rock-stars, velvet is certainly a trend to get people talking.  

I love a trend like this one as it’s so versatile and can be adapted to individual styles and tastes, meaning everyone can wear it without looking or feeling uncomfortable  So, today I’m here to show you a few key looks to make this luxurious trend work for you in a couple of simple and wearable ways. 

Lace & Velvet Dress, £30

Special offer - £10 off until 22/12/16 - only £20

This lace a velvet dress is a great example of how to use velvet to turn a simple black dress into a fashion statement.  The lace details and the bell sleeves create a feel of luxury that  will definitely get you noticed.

Velvet Body, £17.50

If that’s all a bit much for you then mix velvet with other more everyday fabrics,  this velvet body gives a flash of glamor when worn with your favourite denim, without you having to commit to head to toe velvet. 

Velvet Body, £17.50

The general rule is that velvet looks amazing in dark bold colours and while I agree with that sentiment, and can’t resist anything in a deep bold purple I cannot get this little pink bodysuit out of my head the last few days.  This colour is just perfect for the shimmering velvet fabric and really softens the velvet look, making it much more girly.

So let me know what you think – are you in love with this season’s biggest trend or are you a velvet hater?





Cover Image Credit to: Janet McKnight:

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