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How to transition from Winter to Spring

Posted by Megan M on

I noticed last week that it was almost light when I left the office and that I was starting to get too warm walking to work in my heavy winter coat. Both of these things excite me, as someone who hates winter and lives for the long evenings of summer, I took them as a first sign that the never ending winter may finally be ending. Maybe it is time to downgrade the coat and start dusting off the summer wardrobe?

Although it may not be bikini time for a few months yet, it will soon be time to pack away the heavy knitwear and coats for a few months! This time of year brings a high level of waldrobe anxiety for most of us. It's sod's law that the day we leave the extra layers at home it'll snap cold again, and that the day you decide you don't need your coat the heavens will open.  It feels too early to spend money on a waldrobe you can't wear until summer and too late to buy new winter clothes. So how do you cope with this unpredictability?

Luckily I've rounded up some top tips to help you.

1. Layers

The absolute key to this time of year is layers. Shirts layered with jumpers and lightweight jackets with your trusty jeans mean you can adjust your outfit as the weather changes through the day.  A light weight foldable shopping bag to put the extra layers in will allow you to transition through the day and back into the evening with minimal stress.

2. Summery accessories

Time to get started on those bright colours, bold florals and stripes that will form the mainstay of your summer waldrobe. Start with a bright or print scarf or bag to brighten up you winter outfit and get you in the summer mood early.

3. Layer the top with bare legs

As the weather gets warmer it's time to bear those legs (maybe after a spray tan?), but keep your top layered up so you don’t get too cold!

4. Fine knitwear

As the chunky knits get packed away this is the time those lightweight jumpers come into play. Warm enough that you don't get frost bite but not so heavy you'll suffocate if the sun does show its face.

    5. Bright coloured shoes

      Bright summery shoes will make you feel like summer is on its way. Invest now in a great pair and you’ll be able to wear them through the summer too!

        6. Slowly transition into lighter colours.

        While it might not be time for white trousers just yet, lighten your outfits with coloured tops. Paired with dark trousers and skirts, these wont make you look uncomfortably summerly, but don’t scream winter either.

          7. Invest in a trench coat or bomber jacket

          It’s time to drop the heavy winter coat and opt for a lighter weight jacket which is perfect for keeping the chill off in this in between weather!

            8. Mix up the fabrics

              A great way to transition your wardrobe is to pair a heavier fabric with softer fabrics like chiffon. Layers of thinner fabrics can help you find the perfect balance between summer and winter and give you an excuse to start buying now for summer.

              9. Transitional Dresses and Skirts

              What better than a dress that you can wear with tights now and bare legs in high summer?  Stick to darker bases with pops of summer brights to make the look work.

               Here are a few of my favorite picks from Capsuleight to help with this tricky season:


              Black & White Butterfly top, £22.50        Grey Star Jumper, £30 


              Rose Bomer Jacket, £40                      Ivory Lace Blouse, £25


              Floral Jacquard Skirt, £22.50                     Skater Dress, £30

              Enjoy the first signs of sunshine!




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