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What to pack for a festival weekend

Posted by Megan M on

The summer has officially arrived and with it the festival season.  If you’ve booked your ticket and are now panicking about what to take then I’m here to help.  I’ve compiled a list of those essential items you need to ensure you have the best festival experience this summer.

Before you start, check the rules on the festivals website, many ban glass containers etc and you don’t want to take anything that's only going to be confiscated!

The next most important thing is to pack light, you’ll have to carry it across a field, and fit it all in your tent, so there really is no point taking anything you aren’t going to use.

With that in mind, let’s start with the absolute essentials…
Unless you are lucky enough to be glamping, you’re going to need a tent.  Make sure its big enough to hold you, your mates and all your stuff, but not so big you’re freezing at night.  A good sleeping bag will help, and pillows and a roll mat will make those few hours of sleep really count.

tents in a field

The valuables…
Money, Bank card and mobile phone are absolute essentials, don’t forget to pack your charger and an emergency credit card just in case!  Hopefully you don’t need reminding, but if you forget your ticket you wont get in, and if you’re on the younger side, you’re gonna need some ID too! 
Make sure you take a bag to carry your essentials around during the day, an across-the-body bag or bum-bag are best to stop you loosing anything in the crowds.

Money, phone, keys and ticket

The clothes…
With the British weather like it is, choosing your wardrobe for a weekend in a field is a daunting task.  Do you need a ski suit or bikini or possibly both?
The simplest answer is to pick your festival fashion and stick to it.  Denim shorts and a vest top or boho skirt and doc martins?  Pick a base outfit for the warmer end of the weather and add layers in case of cold and wellies and waterproofs for those inevitable showers.  The truth is that wet legs don’t really matter, and wet bottomed jeans are annoying, so embrace the crazy and go for shorts and wellies.  Add some interest, and make it harder to get lost with an unusual hat.


Once you have a style it goes something like this…
2 pairs of denim shorts / Skirts
A clean vest top or T-shirt for each day
A couple of extra-long vest tops for warmth – that thing your Gran always said about tucking your vest in to keep you warm… It was true!
2 jumpers
Wellies and knee-high socks (don’t laugh, your calves will thank me!) or Boots
Trainers and trainer socks
PJ’s & Underwear
Beach style flip flops (to give your feet a rest around the tent)
A Statement hat


The rest…
Add in your toiletries (miniatures are great for saving space, and let’s face it you’re not actually going to have that shower anyway!). Don’t forget sun cream, any medications and some Paracetamol for that hangover and some food for the midnight munchies and you’re all set!

Finally, don’t forget a torch, water bottle, spare toilet rolls and some baby wipes!

Have a fab week!
Love Megan



Photo Credits:

The camp site by gentlebird

W-ellie's by Iain Farrell 

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